It is never too late to be what you might have been — George Elliot.

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Getting old is hard, but it beats the alternative. As long as you’re still here, make the most of it. Before you can see where you can go, take stock of where you are.

Finding Yourself

Have you found yourself yet? I know that’s a question younger people ask themselves, searching for their inner wisdom to lead themselves forward in life. But as we gain wisdom, we learn we do not find ourselves as much as we create ourselves. That’s as true now as it was when you were younger.

Think about it. A lifetime of reacting to events, both positive and negative, our choices and decisions shape and define who we are. …

Struggle with external content; this may help.

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I, like many writers, struggle with using content from external sources. It’s in your best interest to know that you are not infringing on anyone’s copyright before publishing your work.

Before I proceed any further, let me state, “I am not a lawyer,” and I am not offering legal advice. I am expressing the copyright laws as I interpret them.

In general, the copyright laws I reference pertain to the United States only. Every country on the planet has its own copyright laws.

Copyright Protecting Your Own Work

In general, copyright protection for works created after January 1, 1978, are for the life of the author plus 70 years. …

To feel good, do good.

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Pets are wonderful companions and friends. They are genuinely affectionate and grateful. They don’t care how you look, your job, the car you drive, or how much money you have in the bank. You can confide in them; they will never tell your secrets or gossip.

If you do consider getting a pet, there are millions available in animal shelters across the country. Not only do you get a pet, but you can also save the animal’s life. Over 6 million dogs and cats live in shelters today—overpopulation cause over 1.2 …

Users of RLT don’t want to develop cataracts in 20 years from IR exposure.

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Clinic studies have shown that Red Light Therapy can improve eyesight. The studies I have read use a deep red light with a wavelength of around 670 nm to improve vision. Most RLT units allocate 50% of their LEDs for infrared radiation (IR) around 850 nm. It is my belief because of the high power IR LEDs employed in RLT units and the close proximity to the eye these units may be a cause for concern.

This article will touch upon the benefits of RLT for the eyes but also focus on the concern of the IR radiation potentially damaging the cornea of the eye. …

The publishing industry has changed dramatically.

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I have been published by traditional publishing houses like McGraw-Hill, Focal Press and self-published. I’ve done both, and each method has its pros and cons. This article does not examine the pros and cons and assumes you want to attempt being published traditionally without an agent. If traditional publishers end up turning down your work, you can always self-publish.

The publishing industry has changed dramatically. Self-publishing authors can submit their work for consideration to many publishing houses without representation by a literary agent.

For the record, I am not talking about book publishing by a vanity press. Vanity presses are book companies that will, for a price, stroke your ego and publish your book, regardless of its merit. The “for hire” literary agents in the same vein will lighten your wallet to represent your book to publishers. …

Clinical studies show which supplements improve joint health, bones, and skin.

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Most athletes I know, still continue to train while nursing one injury or another. They work around their injury until it heals and then go back to full training. This article offers information regarding treatments, supplements, and insights that will help you nurse an injury back to health.

Some injuries become chronic, like persistent pain in the knees, or hips that begin hurting with a little exercise like running or kickboxing. As we age we lose muscle mass, our bones weaken and joints stiffen, and this increases the tendency toward chronic pain/injury. …

Research is suggestive.

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I write about light often. Mostly Red Light Therapy and its positive effects on the human body. I came across this scientific research, that at first, I couldn’t believe was true. Image light being turned on and off at a 40 Hz cycle can break up amyloid plaques in the brain associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is the leading type of dementia. It is a scary disease and afflicts more than 5 million Americans today. That number is expected to triple by 2050.

I have written on how Red Light Therapy is an effective treatment for numerous neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s. …

Red Light Therapy is a proven technology, with hundreds of clinical trials, for reducing skin wrinkles and boosting collagen density.

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The origins of Red Light Therapy (RLT) can be traced back to the positive effects of laser light on a wound incision. While lasers (LLLT) are still in use today, in most cases equivalent results are obtained using LEDs.

Red Light Therapy units are available from any number of retailers including Amazon and Walmart. RLT is an easy therapy to do at home.

Medical and Cosmetic

Those hundreds of clinical studies weren’t just for cosmetics and wrinkles, red light therapy is effective for treating a host of medical skin issues like; acne vulgaris, herpes simplex, and wound healing.


I am not recommending that anyone treat a medical skin condition with Red Light Therapy without first consulting your doctor or dermatologist. You may have to arm yourself with a couple of clinical studies to be taken seriously by your doctor. An easy way to get a few studies is to go to PubMed and do a search. So let me put in my disclaimer right now. …

If you have it, how to get rid of it.

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What is old people smell?

Glad you asked. First of all, it's a real thing. It’s a characteristic odor of older people. By older, I mean starting around 60 years plus. But it can occur as early as 40 years old. As we age our metabolism changes, our skin gets thinner. Our older skin has a weaker anti-oxidant capability which causes an increase in the breakdown of the skin’s natural oils into an aldehyde called 2-nonenal.

It is the nonenal compound that is responsible for the musty odor of elderly people. …

Fat harvested from your body using liposuction and processed for stem cells can regenerate joints and tissues.

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I practice taekwondo at my dojo twice a week. And I feel my sixty-plus years in my knees after any substantial workout.

I also work out at home using free weights and an elliptical machine. Granted I restrict my exercises to those that do not aggravate my knees. For instance, I have eliminated (or severely reduced) exercises like jumping jacks and burpees. How long my knees will last and what to do about it is always in the back of my mind.

Every year about 600,000 Americans have knee replacement surgery. This is a major surgery performed under general anesthesia. …


John Iovine

Most old men would have given up by now, I am not like most old men.

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