Solar power meters are notoriously inaccurate for measuring light irradiance from red light therapy units, here’s proof.

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Solar meters are notoriously inaccurate for measuring light irradiance from red light therapy units. Solar meters are broad-spectrum devices designed to measure sunlight, hence the name “Solar Power Meter”. Yet despite this fact these solar power meters are inaccurate for measuring narrow bandwidth light radiation from RLT units you see many authors and even manufacturers (still) using these devices and quoting mw/cm² power levels. Some try to justify their usage by saying that they know the meter is inaccurate, but they are using it to check relative power levels between RLT units.

For a short amount of time, I sold…

RLT has been clinically shown to improve vision in older adults.


The retina ages faster than other organs in the body due to its high metabolic rate. By the age of 70 years olds, approximately 30% of our central rods have dies and our cones have reduced functionality. Recently use of 670 nm red light has been clinically proven to counteract this age-related vision loss. The improvement is only seen in older adults age 40 years old and older. The use of Red Light Therapy (RLT) to treat eye and vision-related issues is nothing new. …

Been waiting to try out Red Light Therapy, here are a few low-cost products to get you started.


You don’t have to spend a bundle of money to try Red Light Therapy (RLT). Amazon sells a few low-cost low-power LED light devices that are suitable for RLT. Because of their low-power, you use these devices a bit differently than high power RLT panels. The how and why of using these devices are discussed later. First I want to review the devices I purchased and their measured power output.

API 12 Watt 660 nm LED Bulb

This LED light is available on Amazon. It supplies a single 660 nm wavelength of light. …

If so, it may be time to reset and reboot for success.

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By the end of February, millions of people who in January resolved a positive change for themselves in the new year have already given up. Most will blame their lack of willpower. But is that the reason?

Willpower Isn’t the Solution

The brute force approach will fail more than 90 percent of the time. Willpower is finite, and you can use it up just getting yourself to work on time every day, let alone succeeding at a new resolution goal.

If you’ve given up on giving up, maybe it’s time to reset and reboot your New Years’ resolution for success.

Specify Your Resolution

First, let us get…

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vagina. Wait, what?

Yeah, it's exactly what you’re thinking. Beer brewed using the vaginal secretions of a woman. Not just any woman, mind you, a young beautiful woman. It’s the main selling point; the beer is a connection to the essence of an attractive fantasy woman. I mean, the woman who took part in the manufacturing of this product isn’t a fantasy; she’s a Czech model. What betters a drink than to drink from her lips, so to speak.

Of course, they needed a beautiful model. You wouldn’t fantasize about a frumpy middle-aged woman sitting on a toilet, legs spread, swabbing her private…

I am not by any stretch of the imagination an accomplished piano player.

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I am not by any stretch of the imagination an accomplished piano player. In fact, you could size up my ability to learn the piano to that of a chicken that plays the piano by a person putting a kernel of food on a piano key and having the chicken hitting the piano key to grab the kernel of food.

I had a small 77 key keyboard for a few years but didn’t play with it much. Then I decided, well, if I’m going to take the time to learn to play, then I’d like a full-size keyboard. Just in…

A new bill passed that allows creatives to protect their work from copyright infringement without making it a federal case.

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The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2019 (the CASE Act)

It took ten years, but finally, Congress passed the CASE act as part of the COVID-19 relief bill. This is an essential piece of legislation for writers and other creatives, artists, musicians, photographers, etc. that feel their copyrighted work has been infringed.

This bill creates a “Small Claims Court” within the U.S. Copyright Office for copyright infringements. Small claims court for copyright infringement may not seem like a big deal until you know that copyright cases previously were expensive federal cases that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue.

So copyright infringements of creatives that did not have…

Ways To Improve Your Gene Expression

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The human genome is key to age reversal. Aging may seem an unstoppable life factor, but the repairing, addition, and expression of genes can positively impact your health and longevity. Aging deteriorates genes and gene expression that maintain youthful functions.

As we humans age, beneficial genes are “turned down”, while other genes that are detrimental to cellular function are “turned up”.

Turned Down

  1. DNA Repair
  2. Inhibition of aberrant cellular reproduction
  3. Glucose uptake via insulin into cells
  4. Production of HDL cholesterol

Turned Up

  1. Interference with cell death of cancer cells
  2. Production of LDL cholesterol
  3. Increase the production of insulin and inflammation

Google’s Threat To Democracy - Part 2.

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I have written a previous article on Google's threat to democracy, everything I wrote then is true now. But now there is even more of a threat. The censorship being instituted by Google’s Youtube and Social Media platforms has never been seen outside a communist country until now. This censorship is being baked into these platforms. I honestly believe they are sowing the seeds of their own demise in the United States, but that demise will take years and the threat to our democracy is here and now.

Below is an excerpt from Google released 12–9–2020

Four mind hacks to happiness and tranquility.

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The brain is a wondrous thing. It remains plastic well into old age. This surprised neuroscientists when they discovered the brain’s ability to form new brain cells ( neurogenesis) well into our 80s and 90s. It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks.

One easy way to change your brain is to change your environment. I don’t mean you have to move. Well, I do mean you have to move, but that doesn’t require a change of location. Exercise is the closest thing science has found to the fountain of youth. …

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