AIVA — AI Music Generation

Use AI to generate original copyrightable music

John Iovine
4 min readMay 7, 2024

Several music-specific AIs allow users to create and generate copyrightable music. They are surprisingly easy to get working. The free version doesn’t allow the user to copyright the music they create. If you pay for a pro-level subscription, then you will own the music and can copyright the music you generate.

Owning and copyrighting your music tracks is necessary for it to be monetized.


As with other application-specific AIs, there are more tools and features than can be explored in a single article. For that reason, I am creating a home run article. By homerun, I mean I will take you through the free sign-up for AVIA and detail the creation of a music track that is easy on the ears.

If you are interested, you can pursue AI music generation from that point.

To start, go to:

Click on Create a Free Account, which opens up this window.



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