ChatGPT Part 10

Creating Text-To-Art Prompts Using Vision

John Iovine
5 min readOct 20, 2023
AI artwork by the author

Recently, I began using ChatGPT to help me write text-to-art prompts for AI. At the most basic level, I ask the AI to write five prompts, but I also instruct the AI to ask me any questions it needs answered to create a good prompt.

In addition to generating good prompts, ChatGPT also has a vision system, that can bring your text-to-art prompts to the next level.

Write five perfect Text-To-Art prompts for an AI to render an image of a beautiful female astronaut. Before you write anything, ask me questions until you can write a usable prompt.

I answered the AI’s with a numbered list corresponding to the numbered question.

Interestingly, the AI analyzed my answers before proceeding to create the text prompt.

The next image are the text prompts the AI produced.



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