ChatGPT Part 11

Using ChatGPT as a writing coach

John Iovine


You can ask ChatGPT to analyze your story text. ChatGPT is usually pretty generous in its assessment of your writing skills. Take its praise with a grain of salt.

Tasks You Can Request from ChatGPT

Consider ChatGPT as your expert writing coach. And like a good writing coach, ChatGPT can analyze your writing. Afterward, the AI can make suggestions on how to improve the text. There is more than one way to ask the same question, and each variation can provide a subtle different answer. One way to ask the same question differently is using the term “make a suggestion(s)” in comparison to “how can I improve.” These questions can be applied to pacing, dialog, and storyline.

Make suggestions on plot development.

Create descriptions of persons, places, or things.

Analyze a character in the story- primary or secondary.

Create a backstory for a character.

Make suggestions on character development.

Provide ideas for a plot twist or subplot.

Check if the dialog between characters sounds authentic.

Check the voice and inflection of a character’s speech for consistency. For instance, if you have a…



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