ChatGPT Part 13

Using Chat’s OCR capabilities

John Iovine


Ever run across an interesting magazine article or tidbit of information and take a photograph of it to read later?

Not only can you read it later you can also direct ChatGPT to look at the photograph and generate a text document. An earlier version of ChapGPT had a camera icon to upload photographs. This icon has been replaced with a paper clip icon.

Use the paper clip icon in ChatGPT’s prompt window to load files.

Upload your photograph and ask ChatGPT to read it and supply a text file.

Author’s Note

ChatGPT file reader disappears and reappears with regularity. I’ve questioned this and was informed that it could be.

If your file reader isn’t available, try again at a later time.

Sometimes, my GPT 4 switches to 3.5, which does not have a file input on my version.

The original photograph I used is copyrighted, so I couldn’t include that image as a test in this article. However, I was doing research on the effect vinegar has on blood glucose and insulin on a government Pubmed website. I took a snap of that and proceeded.

The photograph I uploaded is outlined in green. The prompt for ChatGPT is outlined in red. Response from ChaptGPT is outlined in purple.

I downloaded the text file and opened it in Notepad; see the following image.

It goes further. You could also ask GPT to read the text in a PDF file and create a text file.



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