ChatGPT Part 8

Work Around for Memory Limitations

John Iovine


ChatGPT has memory limitations. The AI can get lost if you work on a large project, fiction or non-fiction. It may forget the topic it’s writing on, the gender of a character, or any number of plot points.

The ChatCGT has a memory limitation of 4,000 tokens. This is equivalent to about 3000 words in memory. So ChatGPT can remember its last 3,000 words. Your mileage will vary depending on the words and context.

You can check to see how many tokens are consumed by your text.

Go to:

Here, you can input text and see the tokens used. I am using the same block of sample text I used in part 7.

The following image shows the tokens consumed by this text.

When This You See, Remember Me

One technique to prevent the AI from forgetting what it is working on is to develop a logline for your story and a small synopsis.

Log Line:

A logline is a brief summary (usually one sentence) that captures a story’s essence and central premise, screenplay, or film. Its primary purpose is to intrigue and provide a clear, concise narrative concept. A logline typically includes the main character, their goal, and the main conflict or challenge they face. It’s a tool used in the entertainment industry to pitch and sell stories, helping decision-makers quickly grasp the core of a story to determine if they’re interested in hearing more or reading the entire script.

You preload your prompt with the log line to keep the AI aligned with the story. You don’t want the AI to forget the story thread, so you add the Log Line, before your prompt.

Wilma is a woman from the prehistoric past who got teleported to the 21st century by Marvin, the evil magician, and is trying to get home to her husband Fred in 5000 BC.

Short Synopsis:

As the plot thickens, a log line may not carry enough information for the AI to write coherently into the story. Enter a short synopsis that adds additional information. Suppose Wilma has teamed up with Christine, an anthropologist at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Together, they hatch a plan to trick the evil magician into sending Wilma back.

Place the small synopsis to tee up the AI’s memory before your prompt.

Implementing loglines and or a short synopsis will help keep your AI focused.



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