ChatGPT Part 9

Custom Instructions Set-Ups

John Iovine



ChatGPT allows each user to perform a custom set-up to make ChatGPT easier to work with. To access the custom set-up, go to the lower left-hand corner of the ChatGPT screen, outlined in red below.

Screen captures by author

Mouse over your profile icon; seebelow. Click on your profile icon to open up a menu.

Click on the “Custom Instructions” in the menu options.

This opens up the Custom Instructions page.

The top box is where you can input a profile. ChatCGP will use your profile to provide more relatable answers based on your hobbies, interests, and profession. I do not use a profile.

However, you can put directives in the bottom text box that would direct the AI how you want it to write its response. We will explore two options, but there are many more. The first option is to emulate your writing style.

Have ChatGPT Write Like You

The first step in having the AI write like you is to find the best sample of your writing. Under 1500 words. You must copy and paste these words into ChatGPT after the following prompt.

I wrote the following prompt into ChatGPT, and ChatGPT responded.

Next, I copied and pasted about 700 words I wrote on Red light Therapy into ChatGPT. The AI responded with the following analysis.



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