How To Copyright Your AI-Rendered Artwork

Now that you created the most awesome artwork, protect it by registering a copyright.

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The first thing to know is that I am not a lawyer. This article is based on my research and opinion and should not be considered legal advice.

I am reading about various controversies regarding AI-generated artwork.

One controversy is whether AI-rendered images should be considered artwork at all. There appears to be a contingent of graphic artists claiming it is not “art.” I’m afraid I have to disagree with their opinion.

AI is a tool, much like a camera is a tool. Would one say that a photograph is non-copyrightable because a mechanical (or electronic) device captured the image? No, of course not; photos are copyrighted all the time.

Interestingly, artists and painter’s had the same issue with the invention of photography as current graphic artists have with AI text-to-Art platforms. Their concern was that it took work away from the artist and devalued their work. Sound familiar? History repeats itself.

Most AI Platforms Give The User All Copyrights

Whatever platform you are using, check who owns the rights to the generated artwork. Most, and I really mean all AI platforms I’ve checked, give the user all rights to the generated artwork. I’m sure any platform that denies giving the user all copyrights to the rendered artwork will quickly wither and die on the internet vine.

Copyright Basis

Copyright is granted automatically once your art is fixed in tangible form. This is true whether you render a piece of art, write a story, write a song, or record a piece of music. Copyright is an “automatic right.” However, to prove that you are a legitimate copyright holder, you must register that copyright with the US Government.

Why you Should Register Copyright Your AI Rendered Artwork

To register your work with the US government, you will need to fill out an application, pay a filing fee and provide a copy of the work. The copyright office will examine your application to ensure the work is…



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