Low-Cost Introduction To Photobiomodultation (RLT)

Been waiting to try out Red Light Therapy, here are a few low-cost products to get you started.


API 12 Watt 660 nm LED Bulb

API 660 nm LED Bulb
Chart By Author

LED Bulb 660nm and 850nm

HG24 LED Bulb 660 nm and 850 nm


625 nm Flashlight

Photo by author

620 nm Flashlight

670 nm Flashlight

850 nm Flashlight

Skin Reflectance

Reflectance Chart created by NIST Data Set

How To Use Low Power RLT devices

Photo by Author

Mains Power Bulbs

Safe Mains Power Supply Devices

Accuracy of the Apogee PAR Meter

Who is Apogee Instruments?

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