Using Red Light Therapy To Boost Testosterone Levels

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Bright Light

An Italian study in 2016 shows that exposure to bright light increases testosterone levels. A group of 38 men who had a diagnosis of hypoactive sexual desire disorder (low interest in sex). These men were divided into two groups. One group received one-half hour of bright light treatment in the morning. The placebo group received a much less intense light treatment for a half hour. The light device used is similar to the ones that treats Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


The ability of sunlight to improve testosterone levels has been known for a long time. (source) How sunlight improves testosterone levels is by stimulating the body’s vitamin D production. Increased vitamin D, especially those you are deficient in vitamin D, raises testosterone levels. This, partially explains the higher seasonal pregnancy rate in the summer (study).

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Ultraviolet Light

The ability of UV light to stimulate testosterone in men has been known since a 1939 clinical study. Dr. Myerson, exposured the chest area of men to UV light over the course of five days. The results of the exposure boosted testosterone levels incrementally over the five day ending on the fifth day with a 120% increase over baseline.

Red Light Therapy

While there are no direct studies using RLT on human males to increase testosterone, there are a few studies of interest. This study uses RLT to increase fertility in adult human men (study),(study).

Dr. Michael Hamblin

Dr. Michael Hamblin is the foremost authority on RLT has stated in a interview when asked if RLT increases testosterone in men said that he doesn’t see why not. Which is to say, that since RLT increases a cells ability to do what a cell is designed to do, it is probable to assume RLT will increase testosterone. But in the absence of studies, we cannot say for sure. (interview)

Where the heck are the studies?

This question has baffled me for years. This study would be relatively simple to perform, yet not one clinical study has been published.

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Light can have a positive impact on men’s testosterone level. It would stand to reason RLT would increase the ATP production in a man’s leydig cells that would boost testosterone levels.

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