Red Light Therapy Timer

Newer RLT panels incorporate a timer that allows the user to set an exposure time, for those older units, this is a solution.

John Iovine
6 min readFeb 20, 2022


Newer RLT panels incorporate a timer that allows the user to set an exposure time the RLT panel will remain powered. However, many existing Red Light Therapy panels have been sold without such a timer. This article shows you how to build a timer that will allow you to set an on-time from 1-to-15-minute for your red light therapy panels.

However, the Timer module I used is also available in 30 minutes, 60 minute, 2 hours, and greater time intervals.

The Timer is placed between the wall power supply and your RLT panel. The Timer is plugged into the wall socket, and the RLT panel is plugged into the Timer.

All parts can be sourced from Amazon.Com. The parts list and URLs are provided at the end of the article. None of the Amazon URLs are affiliate links, so I have no financial gain whether you source these components from Amazon or another outlet.

The Timer is rated at 20 amp at 125 volts AC. This Timer is designed initially to go into a home electrical box. Instead of using an electrical box, we use a small rectangle plastic box enclosure.

Timer from Amazon

The Enclosure

Any number of enclosures will work for this project. See the enclosure in the parts list at the end of this article. Mark the center of the enclosure top by drawing a diagonal line from opposing corner to corner, and drill a 3/8” hole where the lines cross. See figure below.

Next, mount the Timer to the inside of the enclosure top, and mark the two mounting holes for mounting the Timer — Drill 3/16” holes in the marks.



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