Train Your Brain for Greater Memory and Greater Happiness

Four mind hacks to happiness and tranquility.

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Get moving

Exercise doesn’t just happen at the gym. Whatever you like that gets you moving will work. Whether walking through your neighborhood or taking a dance class. For me, it's kickboxing and martial arts. If you haven’t been working out, I recommend starting for a short period of time. Maybe five minutes.


Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation Is Not Passive

Generally, people think of meditation as a passive endeavor. It is not. It takes focus to keep your mind quiet. There are a few methods to stop your thoughts from racing around in your head. One is a mantra. A word you repeat to yourself slowly with each intake and exhale of breath. What’s your mantra? Anything you want it to be. If you go this route, choose a positive mantra, like inhale “healthier,” exhale, “calmer.”

Learn Something New

Want to learn something, but feel you don’t have time? A little bit of learning each day, maybe 15 minutes, can make great strides over a year or two. It's a compound effect.

Don’t Be Afraid To Suck.

Everybody sucks when they’re first learning something new. Don’t be afraid to suck. It will stop you from being all you can be. Think of it, a great piano virtuoso who plays concerts sucked when he first sat down at the piano. Think of any top musician, artist, engineer, whoever, who didn’t suck when they first learned their craft. The difference is they didn’t let their level of suckitude stop them, and neither should you.

Embrace the Suckitude

I’m writing an article using this 15-minute technique to learn a song on the piano. The most important thing to know at the start is that I am not a piano player. I need to hunt and peck every key on the board. Fifteen minutes a day, let’s see what I can do. I’m halfway through the 30 days, and there is an improvement. I recorded myself playing the song at the start of the 30-day practice run. I only recorded about 15 seconds, it was that bad. I will re-record myself at the end of my 30 days of practice.

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Journalling only takes about five minutes a day. Some people write first thing in the morning as they start their day. Others write again at night, reflecting on the day.

Benefits of Journaling

Keeping a journal has been said to be good for your mental and physical health. At a basic level, it may help keep you organized, unstressed and improve the quality of your life.


If you follow all the suggestions in this article will only take 30 minutes a day. A small investment in yourself that can reap large benefits in a few months.

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Most old men would have given up by now, I am not like most old men.

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