Upscaling AI Artwork to 4K

NightCafe is bringing a wow realism experience

John Iovine
3 min readMar 4, 2024
Warrior Queen — AI Created By Author

NightCafe has introduced a new image enhancement and upscaling service. The service is still in alpha and is expensive to use. To access this AI you can join NightCafe Pro or purchase credits to the AI.

Disclosure — I am not receiving any financial compensation or incentive for writing this article on NightCafe’s new enhancement service.

If you follow the link, you are brought to the following page.

NightCafe’s AI Enhancer

Once you upload an image and description for enhancement and click “Go Pro To Continue,” you will be brought to a page to join NightCafe Pro or purchase credits to use the AI. The Credit Packs are available at the bottom of the NightCafe Pro sign-up page, so scroll to the bottom of the page to see them.

Cost Of Running the AI



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