Using AI To Write and Illustrate Your Book

With the increase of AI assistance for writing and illustrating a book, creating a book for publication has become easier.

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But just because you can create a book doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Even with AI assistance, writing a book still takes time, effort, and money.

I am writing a book on using AI to assist in writing and illustrating a book. This article on Market Research is a chapter in my upcoming book.

While my example topic is a children’s book, the procedure and process are the same for any book topic, from AI Imaging to Xylophones — how to make one for your child.

Basic Book Marketing Research

A positive ROI (Return On Investment) is not required to write a book. For example, you have a burning desire to write a book, for whatever reason, and it’s without regard to a financial payback from book sales. No law requires a profit motive for writing and publishing a book, so writing your not-for-profit book is okay. (It may be your best writing ever.)

In this case, realize you’re writing for personal satisfaction and should be prepared to sell five copies of your book to friends and family and be happy with that result. If not, it will be disappointing after investing your time, energy, and money to write a book, to discover no one wants to read it. There is a “no market” or a “small market.” audience; yikes! How much better it would have been to learn that before putting pen to paper, so to speak.

If you want to reduce your chances of writing a book for a no-market to a small-market audience, I recommend checking if there is an audience for your book.

It also helps if you have a variety of topics you would like to write on. This allows you to choose a topic with hopefully a large audience with little competition.

Start by performing a little preexisting marketing research by looking at books similar to the book(s) you want to create.

Granted, this is not an extensive look at the book marketing research. It is simplistic and rudimentary. However, it suffices for my uses here for my first children’s book. I used…



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